Campus Wellbeing Strategic Planning

Niagara College

I previously worked with Niagara College to develop a Peer Wellness Program, and was honoured to work with them again. I am leading a gap analysis and stakeholder consultation process, which will be used to inform the development of a Student Mental Health Strategy.

National Community of Practice

I established a national community of practice for Canadian student affairs leaders who are implementing the Mental Health Commission of Canada's National Standard for Mental Health and Well-Being for Post-Secondary Students.

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University of the Fraser Valley

UFV is a unique institution with a deep commitment to student well-being. As a consultant, I am leading a gap analysis and environmental scan to identify strengths, gaps, and opportunities. This report will inform the development of a campus wellbeing strategic plan.

Peer Programs

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Peer Support Programs

I've worked with colleges and universities across Canada to design, develop, and implement peer support initiatives.

Select Projects:

Mental Health Peer Mentoring Program

I designed, developed, coordinated, and evaluated an innovative peer mentoring program for students with mental health issues at Queen’s University, with funding from the provincial Mental Health Innovation Fund.

Peer Leadership

I've designed training and curriculum for peer leadership and mentoring programs, grounded in leadership theory models and intentional curriculum design.

Select Projects:

Curriculum & Training

Student Success Hub

In collaboration with the BCIT team, I designed and developed the curriculum and user experience for BCIT's new, online Student Success Hub. I designed the curriculum intentionally, using theory and best practices in health promotion, student development, and adult learning research. The Hub launched in August 2020.

Faculty Toolkit: Promoting Student Well-being in the Classroom

I created a toolkit for college faculty on strategies to embed well-being into pedagogy and support students in distress. The toolkit included templates, activities, scripts, slides, handouts, and exercises to promote student wellness and protective factors for mental health.

Certificate in Learning and Wellness

I developed the wellness curriculum for a new certificate program for graduate students, which launched in October 2018. I incorporated components of positive psychology and health behaviour change theory to equip participants to develop wellness goals and strategies through a five-week program.

Research & Evaluation

The Stop Community Food Centre

I designed and implemented an evaluation of The Stop's volunteer program to identify strategies to understand how volunteering impacts volunteers' health and to identify barriers to meaningfully engaging service users as volunteers.


Persistent Poverty: Between the Margins

In 2010, I co-authored a book that captured the stories and lived experiences of people living in poverty in Ontario, along with policy recommendations to reform Ontario's social assistance policies. Persistent Poverty was published by Between the Lines Books in 2010.



I have co-authored several academic papers, including one that has been published, and several in preparation.


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